Blar's team moves to San Francisco to work on the next-gen database and retrieval system

Feb 26, 2024

Blar started its journey in late 2023 as an application layer startup. That means we were using other companies' technologies to solve a use case inside a company. However, we rapidly confronted many issues on the infrastructure side that were impeding us from moving forward with our application layer company. That was our aha moment. When we understood that if we had this infrastructure problem, it was highly probable that thousands of other developers had them as well. 

The problem we identified relates to vectorized databases and how they fall short in retrieving relevant information for search and generative applications. We think vectorized databases are a huge improvement from relational databases, but for us, they are not the end solution but a first try. 

In solving this ambitious problem, we understood we would need to relocate to the city where all the new tech starts, San Francisco. Coming from Latin America, it was not an easy task. However, thanks to the support of Collide Capital (Blar's first institutional investor), we were able to make it happen. 

Today, Blar has almost two years of runway to find product-market fit and solve the retrieval accuracy problem that most developers working on AI face every day. 

In this every day, we settled on some company values to make sure we get the results we are looking for:

  • Move fast: Blar is an early-stage startup in a highly competitive industry. Blar aims to be the number one choice for chunking, indexing, and storing data for AI applications. To make that happen, we need to move fast. 

  • Passion for excellence: We value moving fast, but we also value the trust that we deposit in people. This trust comes from Blar knowing that everyone inside the team is trying their best to excel at the task they are supposed to do. No one will be watching. We trust until that person proves us wrong. 

  • Fall and try again: We are a company trying experiments 24/7. Failing is part of the process, and we highly value what we learn from our mistakes. If someone didn't fail in a week, it means they either didn't do their job or didn't push the tech boundaries enough. 

  • Humility: There are intelligent people everywhere, above all, in a place like San Francisco. We highly value savvy people capable of listening to other's opinions and are capable of learning from the rest. We believe that we can learn something new from anyone. 

  • Be a human: The place of work needs to be a nice place to come to every day. The people you spend most of the time is with your coworkers. Blar cares about its team's well-being. If someone is the most intelligent person in the world but is mean, he would not be a good fit with Blar. 

In summary, Blar is a company consisting of ambitious, intelligent people who are also human and care for each other. If you think you are that way, come and join us!

Blar journey is just starting. 

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© 2024 Blar AI, INC

From SF to the 🌎

From SF to the 🌎

© 2024 Blar AI, INC

© 2024 Blar AI, INC

From SF to the 🌎